Chris E. Nam , Female, 25, S.Korea-born, California-bred.

Drug free & Smoke free.

Student [BA for moral philosophy & Film // and MFA for Creative Writing]

Writer. If you want to hear some of my ideas, just kindly send me a message.  

And I also write film reviews which are neatly collected under the section
2014: A Diary in Film. .


in Seoul.

I arrived last night, in the humid, sticky, night but luckily, the hotel is nice and crisply cool.

Now, let the fun begin :)
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for my adventures in Korea :)

married or not. he’s still hot. 


My mom just bought a Vitamix even though we will be traveling of literally 3 months starting Sunday. What? Why does she need a Vitamix NOW? Are we packing it in with the rest of the luggage???