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random moments of nostalgia

I get these pangs of nostalgia from time to time.. no, maybe I should call them something else— guilt, perhaps, where I feel like i should try to re-do my past. To explain, I currently want to re-do high school and see if I can make more friends, or get better grades, maybe go to a different high school, etc. 

Sometimes, I just want to be friends with those that I never were friends with. Which has led me to tonight’s night activity. 

I am sitting on my couch, sifting thru my long list of Facebook friends, most of whom I barely speak to trying to see  if there is anyone I could rekindle a friendship with. If I’m friends with them on FB, my relationship might not have ended so bad right? maybe we just drifted apart. 

well so i’ve done it.i sent out a few messages,

hopefully, when i wake up tomorrow, this will not end up being as embarrassing and awkwardly horrible as I am imagining it to turn out. 

literally, one of my favorite perfumes of all time.

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Heading home.

I’ll be heading home, well, my hometown to check in to a hotel. 

Odd, yes?

To clarify, I am checking into the Beverly Hills Hotel tomorrow after hearing about the outrageous California heat that will scorch up to 100 degrees during the weekend. 

Ever since I was a teeny tiny child, singing a konglish version of Twinkle Twinkle Star, I’ve lived in the glamorous 9-0-2-1-0. But  the people that live there don’t sleep in hotels in their own neighborhood. Therefore, I’ve never needed to sleep in the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. 

But now, fast forward twenty some odd years, I am finally getting to sleep where so many legendary Hollywood stars have dined, slept and swam. 

But to be honest, I think I will just be sitting at the pool or on the bed hugging my macbook or hooking up my apple tv and watching movies all day.

Ize& Magazine | Vol 4 | August 2014 | 

이쁜 사진이네. 우리규.

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야는 모델인디.

도수코는 왜 나오는거임? 

방태은도 나오고. 현역 남자애들은 꽤 있던데. 음. 눈은 즐겁네. 미션레벨도 올리고

음흠. 재미져.재미져. 한지안의 아줌마뽀곱슬머리 보고싶다.

빈지노뮤비 짱좋던데. 뮤직미션 하나 더하세요.ㅋ  빈지노 했으니…프라이머리나 자이언티 어때???

Lets blame it on good ol’ jetlag.

Ah, a week has passed since I returned from my month long workacation to Seoul, back to reality. And jet lag, (or my defiance of normal sleep hour cycles) has not helped my work ethic at all.

Recently, my daily routine is this : Wake up at 3am, drink a bit of water, watch tv, movies and the sunrise, eat breakfast and go back to sleep until 4-5pm and eat, drink, watch tv , watch the sunset and go back to sleep at 6:30-7.

And repeat.

Work officially started yesterday and I barely managed to finish reading my conference notes before falling asleep. (Thank god for interns) Today was a little better, as I had to stay up all day to view homes. (Im currently looking to move..)   

But seriously, how can one sleep so many hours in a day?? It boggles my mind how I can sleep almost 15 hours a day without much drink or food and not look like a zombie? In fact, I think you can actually gain weight for sleeping too much.