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wow. this is happening. hmmm. 

i want to seed this again in theaters. sigh. 

Yoo Ah In & Kim Hee Ae : Never Let Me Go

드라마는 안보는데…. 정말 파격적이다. 근데 탑군과 이미숙보다는 더 좋은 그림이야 ㅎㅎ

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Nell-The Day Before

내가 세상에서 가장 공감하는 뮤비중 하나. 내 자신안에 있는 외로움이 잘 포장되어 연출된 것같은 느낌이랄까. 매년 한번씩 이 뮤비를 보고 센치해지는것같다. 언제까지 난 이 외로움과 싸울까?

You think of flowers in terms of gentleness, beauty and “goodness,” and yet every time a new bud opens there is a great thrust of joyful aggression that is hardly passive, and a daring and courage that reaches actively outward.

-Jane Roberts, Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality

I’m a huge CSI fan…

and its sad that Captain Jim Brass is leaving the show… His character arc was brutal last season…ugh- the heart wrenching moments. 

The Rebound

Found this DVD in a dusty box today… and it was a Blockbuster rental I don’t remember renting. My train of thought went something like--How do I still have this? well, wait, what-why.i don’t even remember renting it… uh-did i pay for this?…. whuhh?  Anyway. I met Justin Bartha at the Paramount Studios backlots last year or two ago… He was filming The New Normal then… I remember he was wearing a huge black hat and sunglasses… But he was very nice and his eyes were very dreamy. So, this film was cute, in a cheesy cliched kind of way. The children in the movie were cute and I loved that the Aram read Harry Potter books before bed even though he was 25. (Because I’m 25 and I love Harry Potter)