Chris E. Nam , Female, 25, S.Korea-born, California-bred.

Drug free & Smoke free.

Student [BA for moral philosophy & Film // and MFA for Creative Writing]

Writer. If you want to hear some of my ideas, just kindly send me a message.  

And I also write film reviews which are neatly collected under the section
2014: A Diary in Film. .


Embarrassing but…

No regrets.

I just bought all of the Fifty Shades trilogy books on my kindle. 

Thank you very much, Mr. Jamie Dornan, you. 

Anyone travelling to Seoul soon?

Its travel time again for me.

This time, its not about macarons and jambon buerre on baguette and its not shopping for Comme des Garçon on Ginza and eating toro nigiri.

This time, Im going back to my roots and heading to South Korea— home of K pop and spicy rice cakes.

If you are Seoul and is looking for a nrb buddy in hongdae, or a food adventure partner, wont you be my friend??